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Reduce fuel consumption & Emissions

The reason for the improvement is simple: getting more electrons ready to mix in a better way with the fuel, usually oxygen, providing a better fuel gasification. All fuel, due to its specific structure, is under the influence of a certain amount of electromagnetic charge, generating a specific space distribution within its molecules. In eradicating this electromagnetic charge we obtain a new molecular disposition in the space, changing the physicochemical characteristics of the fuel. By breaking down the electro-physical links it improves combustion (with the addition of oxygen) obtaining a better vaporization at the molecular level. With these enhancements the performance per fuel unit is improved.

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AIM is a device that reduces fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse emissions and at the same time increase life expectancy and power of any combustion engine (cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, machinery, boats, generators…). AIM contains minerals which come in contact with the fuel used in internal combustion engines. This reaction inhibits the influence of external magnetic / radio-electric / electromagnetic fields. These fields may affect fluids, liquids and combustible fuel gases.

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Extends engine's life. Extends the ignition & exhaust system life. Increases lubricating oil’s properties. Raises torque and power. Prevents the engine losing power when using air conditioning. Improves ignition especially in cold climate conditions. Provides greater power and performance to the engine. Reduces polluting emissions by up to 50 per cent. AIM is able to reduce CO carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - improving urban air quality.

Just place the unit inside your fuel tank or install it in your vehicle´s fuel line