Karoo Bar chair

Karoo bar chair

W 55 cm | 21.7" D 52 cm | 20.5"H 96 cm | 37.8"

A semi-desert area in South Africa was the perfect environment to be the theme for KAROO bar chair, a modern contemporary furniture piece with the same name as this vast African landsape. The tones of this arid area are represented in the colour of this modern contemporary furniture piece, and the delicate touch of KAROO bar chair helps to feel the desert with a smooth and peculiar comfort. Never before a modern contemporary furniture piece provided such a warm feeling like KAROO.


Width 55 cm | 21,7”
Depth 52 cm | 20,5”
Height 96 cm | 37,8”
Seat Height 78 cm | 30,71”
Seat Depth 36 cm | 14,2”
Armrest Height 92 cm | 36,2”


Fabric Satin BB Hanoi I 08
Legs In ash with walnut stain matte and brushed aged brass matte

Fabric / Leather Request
COM 2 mts | 79” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
COL 33 sq ft