The success of a roast or a vegetable dish does not solely depend on the quality of the ingredients: the cooking implement also significantly affects the tenderness and flavours of the food. Your creations will be wonderfully tender in multifunctional roasting dishes with a Chistera Drop Structure. The 'spiked' pattern on the arched lid allows any condensation produced during cooking to rain gently and evenly on the meat or vegetables in the pot. Your food does not therefore dry out and retains its unique flavour. The STAUB multifunctional roasting dish is perfect for preparing the most diverse dishes. Thanks to its black colour and sophisticated brass-coloured knob in the middle of the round lid, it is perfect for serving your dishes directly from the hob or oven to the table. Two handles on the side allow you to transport the roasting pan safely and securely. The circular shape lets you use the roasting pan on cookers, hobs and even in the oven. The multifunctional roasting dish made of enamelled cast iron has a diameter of 24 cm and holds 2.4 litres. It measures 31.7 cm in length including handles and is 11.6 cm deep with its lid. The casserole dish from the Roasting pan series lets you prepare tenderly cooked dishes and stylishly serve your home-cooked dishes at your beautifully laid table.

· Ideal for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
· Juicy and tender cooking result thanks to the lid
· The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing and is especially durable
· Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill

Staub Braisers 24 cm round Cast iron Saute pan Chistera Black

SKU: 40511-473-0
  • 10-14 days

  • Net weight: 4.24 kg
    Capacity: 2.40 l
    Length of product: 31.70 cm
    Width of product: 24.00 cm
    Height of product: 11.60 cm
    Height without lid: 7.00 cm
    Upper diameter: 24.00 cm
    Upper diameter 2: 0.00 cm
    Bottom diameter: 18.50 cm
    Bottom diameter 2: 0.00 cm
    Handle length: 4.00 cm