The STAUB multifunctional roasting pan has a slightly arched lid with what is known as the Chistera Drop Structure. This design ensures that any condensation that rises precipitates on the lid and drips back onto the food inside, evenly moistening all your ingredients and cooking them extremely gently. There is almost no need to add liquid to these pans, allowing your food to develop its full flavour. The dark blue multifunctional roasting pan has a diameter of 28 cm, a height of 12.6 cm and holds 3.7 litres. It is perfect for use on all kinds of cooker and works equally well in the oven. Its two handles mean that it is also extremely practical to use. Casserole dishes of this type are also perfect for moving from oven to table as they look stylish as a centrepiece on a beautifully laid table. As they are made of cast iron, they also keep your food warm for longer. Use this cocotte roasting pan to cook French specialities, like beef bourguignon, a Hungarian-style goulash or a ratatouille made with the freshest vegetables. You can use it just as well for a tasty stew to serve up as a hearty meal to a hungry family. Effortlessly slow cook your favourite dishes in this multifunctional casserole dish from the Roasting pan series.

· Ideal for searing and slow cooking of meat, fish or vegetables
· Juicy and tender cooking result thanks to the lid
· The matt black inner enamelling is ideal for particularly crisp searing and is especially durable
· Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill

Staub Braisers 28 cm round Cast iron Saute pan Chistera Dark-Blue

SKU: 40511-476-0
  • 10-14 days

  • Net weight: 5.40 kg
    Capacity: 3.70 l
    Length of product: 36.10 cm
    Width of product: 28.00 cm
    Height of product: 12.60 cm
    Height without lid: 7.60 cm
    Upper diameter: 28.00 cm
    Bottom diameter: 22.20 cm
    Handle length: 4.10 cm