The wok pan from STAUB can be used to make original and novel recipes with fish, meat, tofu or vegetables from Asian cuisine: Ingredients are cooked particularly quickly by coming into contact with the hot cast iron on all sides as they are continually stirred and turned. This method of preparation allows vegetables to remain particularly crisp and at the same time retain more nutrients and vitamins than with conventional cooking in a pot. In addition to cooking rice noodle or vegetable pan-fried dishes, the wok is also excellent for preparing or warming up side dishes. The cast iron wok can be used on all types of cookers and in the oven. The tried-and-tested material not only optimally conducts heat, but also retains it and is, therefore, especially energy-saving. The pan shines in classic grey, making it an attractive addition to dining tables and in the kitchen.

· For nuanced vegetable, fish, meat and tofu dishes in Asian cuisine
· Suitable for electric, gas, halogen, glass-ceramic and induction hobs, as well as in the oven
· Practical glass lid for monitoring the cooking process
· Energy-efficient cooking
· Dimensions with handle and lid (LxH): 46 x 10.2 cm, diameter: 37 cm, base: 14 cm
· Weight with lid: 6.12 kg

Staub Specialities 37 cm Cast iron Wok with glass lid graphite-grey

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