Terms and Conditions are subject to change. For the latest version on these Terms and Conditions please see it online on our Website. These Terms and Conditions can be saved electronically or printed by all users of our website. Whilst they remain posted on our website, these Terms and Conditions will apply to all transactions carried out via our website, e-mail or/ and by telephone.

We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications on products. Many finishes are manufactured by hand and may vary in color, tone and character. While HABVAC will make every effort to match each finishes, no guarantees can be made of an exact match. HABVAC does not guarantee finishes against fading and oxidation throughout the years. Variations in color and veining are inherent in stone and wood and considered to be part of the natural beauty of thematerial. 

What materials do we use?

We have a wide portfolio of materials to choose from:
- wood veneers, translucent colours, gold, copper, silver leaf, lacquers,
- metals (brass, copper, nickel, casted brass),
- glass (bronze, smoked, clean)
- marbles (extremoz, carrara, nero marquina)
- fabrics (velvet, satin, twill, synthetic leather, suede, cotton linen)
- leather

What is your production lead time?

Production lead time is between 4 to 6 weeks for standard products, with exceptions.


Can the pieces be customized?

Yes, HABVAC can to customize our pieces to match your project. You can request to change finishes.

Are your products suitable for Hospitality use?

Our collection can be suitable for hospitality. Please let us know your requirements so that we can give you further information.

If I change materials will there be an upcharge?

It depends on what material you are changing. To be sure, please, consult your sales contact or our sales department at hello@habvac.com


How do I know if my order request has been received?

After your order request, HABVAC will provide you with a proforma invoice accepting your order and providing you with the payment details.

When does the production of my order starts?

The production process starts after you received the invoice and proceed with the payment required. NOTE: For stock products, the full payment is required.

Can I change or amend the invoice provided?

Alterations are allowed in the proforma before the order confirmation (before advance payment). After we begin production (after the payment), alterations are not allowed.
Exceptions can be made if you want to change a shipping address or billing information, although an extra fee of 50 € will be charged for the alteration.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

Merchandise is manufactured upon the receipt of the order and deposit. Cancellations will not be accepted after 5 working days from the order issue date. A 50% restocking fee for standard orders and 60% for orders with custom products will be applied to any cancellations received after the order issue date.

What are my payment terms?

Proformas should be signed and stamped by the customer as a form of approval of the described content. In the absence of signature and stamp, by making a deposit, the customer is approving the described content of the proforma.

A 50% deposit minimum is required to start the production of customer’s order and the balance payment prior to shipping from factory (until 3 days before expedition date). A 60% deposit is required to start the production of orders with custom products. We reserve the right to negotiate a deposit higher than 60% for large value orders.

Payment must be made by account transfer (in Euro €) and a confirmation of the transfer (with receipt) must be sent by e-mail: hello@habvac.com or to your sales contact. Pro-forma should be signed and stamped by the client as a form of approval of the described content.

All pieces are property of HABVAC until payment in full is received. HABVAC reserves the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.

The client has to provide valid company details such as billing name, billing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale number).


1. For shipping quotations please contact HABVAC. 
2. Whenever the client chooses to transport the product(s) by his/her own method or mean, HABVAC will be free of any charges or responsibility over events that might occur during transportation. 
3. All transportations arranged by clients must be made through a Spain based carrier. 
4. If the transportation is requested to HABVAC, it will be charged apart from the product’s value. Please note, all transportation services require that the receiver of the products needs to verify the status with the carrier upon delivery. The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with / without apparent damage and provided to HABVAC whenever requested. HABVAC will also not be liable for any damages resulting from handling, loading or unloading by people acting on behalf of the receiver. Any transportation of the product from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim. 
5. HABVAC reserves the right to charge an extra amount (the amount depending on the value cost from the transportation company) on the transportation’s price if the client postpones the expedition within 3 days or less prior to the agreed departure date. 


Storage fees may be applied up to 120€ per m3 per week, if outstanding invoice balance is not paid in full and/or shipping arrangements have not been made within ten (10) business days after being informed that the order is ready. 
If the order is not picked up within 1 month, the pieces will automatically pass to the brand's stock list. 

Claim and Return Policy

Should you detect any issue with the product received, please provide a written claim to HABVAC within the first 48 hours after reception. Photographic evidence supporting your allegation must be sent by email to: hello@habvac.com or to the respective sales representative. Upon confirmation of any defect, HABVAC compromises to replace the defective part/piece integrally, within a period agreed with the client. The defective part/ piece must be received by HABVAC in its original package before any replacement can be made - especially in all cases concerning customized products or new products created to meet contract specifications. 
Do not attempt a return without first having obtained an HABVAC written authorization. 
HABVAC will not accept returns without prior written authorization. Returned items must be in their original condition and packaging, and the Buyer shall prepay and be liable for all charges regarding the shipping of returned goods, including insurance. The 50% non-refundable deposit will be kept on all returns of merchandise. Custom items are not returnable under any circumstances. 
In case of a complaint, you have 20 days to answer the solutions presented by the brand. If the time expires, the brand reserves the right to cancel the complaint. 
HABVAC will not be liable for any damages that might occur from handling and/ or installation by persons acting on behalf of the client/receiver.